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Fly Fishing Rx

Full disclosure, my counselor didn't specifically tell me to take up fly fishing. What she did was give me permission to re-engage an old hobby, or start a new one. I kinda took it from there.

During my dark night of the soul,  a divorce left me with a house devoid of my three children every other weekend. When my days were full of car pools to band practice, birthday parties and unsigned permission slips, I yearned for quiet alone time. But like we often hear, be careful what you wish for. Solitude initiated a divorce decree feels more like house arrest than relief.

Too much time on my hands and too much time to think sent me into a tailspin of depression.  I needed something to occupy my time constructively when the weekends of exile arrived. Thus my counselor encouraged me to actually do something with my free time rather than look at the clock and stare at the walls. It seems an obvious prescription now, but at the time, logic and reason had taken a holiday from my brain. 


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