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Easter Beer Hunts

The most fulfilling things about fly fishing are not primarily the fish; they are places it takes you and the people you meet.  The line through the rapids was fairly obvious, even for a greenhorn paddler like me. Large boulders blocked most of the river, with the exception of one chute with enough water to float our kayaks without resorting to the "dog scoot".  This stretch of the Llano River feels remote, with high banks that blocked views of man made structures.  The  appearance of a young woman with two elementary-aged children on the boulders mid-stream distracted me, wondering how they got there, as we saw no watercraft.  While pondering this minor mystery, a friendly voice from the bank startled me. I had not seen the thin man walk down to the river's edge.  "Hey, how are y'all doing? Want a beer?"   "Uh, no thanks, we are fishing through and just got started." It was also about 10 AM. The man smiled, wished us luck, and we ran the chute. We

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