Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Repair Shop Manager: "Um sir, I am sorry, there has been with your vehicle

Me: "Yeeesss?

RSM: "Yes sir, well, uhh this is our responsibility...I mean we are fully insured and all"

Me: "Okay....?"

RSM: "I mean it wasn't my technician's fault, he didn't do anything wrong, and we will take care of this for you"

Me: "Take care of what specifically?"

RSM: "Well sir, you see, a support arm of the lift that we had your truck on while we were doing the brake job, well it broke, and your truck sort of spun on the rack. I mean it didn't fall completely off or anything, but your driver's door, fender, and both running boards have some damage. Oh, and your front drive shaft is bent too, but it is driveable. The insurance adjuster is on his way..."

Me: Was anyone hurt?

RSM: "No, but I had to send a couple guys home to change their shorts"

Me: "So what you are saying is my truck is too, uhh, "big and tall" for your lift?

Oh, Aye Sunny Jim!

Now I understand, my truck isn't small, but seriously...this is gonna give it a complex. Be honest with these kayaks make it look fat?

Tight Lines... ;-)


Carrie said...

hahaha! my goodness! and i thought these crazy things only happend to me. :)

Mark said...

I know right? I could only laugh. What else can you do?

Steph said...

Brad is gonna love this post. Trucks and Fat Bastard. I'm not sure which one he talks about more. *sigh*

Mark said...

LOL Steph...well once you've had fat, you can't go back!

We have a piper down...I repeat...we have a piper down...

Sorry...I can't help myself.

HEED! Down!

Salubrina said...

i want my baby back baby back baby back.....truck.

ha ha ha ...this was way funny, but, i do feel empathy for your pesonified truck.

do they sell "diet" gas? how much would THAT be per gallon?

Mark said...'re killin me! LOL

Anonymous said...


Oh, poor truck.

Just tell him it wasn't his fault.
God made him juuuuust right.

Mark said...

And by god you mean Henry Ford, correct? ;-)
Actually he likes the scrapes and bent metal...think tats and scars. Manly stuff ;-)