Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who Needs Pictures?

I recently received a wonderful gift from my father. My uncle had taken several hours of super 8 film that had been shot by my grandfather in the early 1970's and converted it to DVD. Dad mailed a 2 DVD set to me a few weeks ago.

There is no sound, and in many cases the picture quality is poor. Some of the people I don't know, but presumably they are distant relatives.

Encompassed in the production is a road trip to Monterey, CA, where my uncle was stationed with the USAF at the time. Grandpa included shots of Pebble Beach (he was an avid golfer), and a lot of the seashore. Beautiful place, Monterey.

Also included were stops at places I long to visit but have not. Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, and the Black Hills among them. Making cameos are my cousins and my siblings, the latter shown above.

Most interesting to me however was to see moving images of myself around the ages of 11 to 13.
Before military service, before marriage, before divorce, before children, before college, or even high school.

Life then was simpler for me to be sure. Being of simple mind it isn't hard to go back to those days when my biggest concerns were if I was going to be able to play baseball after school, and if I was going to get to go fishing or hunting during the coming weekend.

No job, no boss, no taxes, no responsibilities (other than taking out the trash and feeding the dog). No problems. Only possibilities.

Maybe I have given problems too much of my attention. Maybe it's time to give possibilities more consideration.

Tight Lines...


Anonymous said...

I love this post.
I love this attitude.
I think I shall adopt it!!

Mark said...

Bless you Pinky...we will be an army of 2!

Drew said...

Enh, I want to enlist. With my recent release from the corporate world, I suddenly find myself in a unique position to do just this - I have an opportunity to get back to the essence of life, spend time with God, and find out what's next for me amidst all the possibilities.

To possibilities!