Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A New Vice

I was recently chosen to become the next vice president of chapter affairs for the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited. While humbled by the nod, I am also aware that it could be a setup, judging by the celebration the former VP engaged in when my selection became official. I am not sure what I am in for, but then again, neither does GRTU ;-)

My official role will be to procure speakers, and herd cats for our general chapter meetings. I have already had the opportunity to meet some luminaries in fly fishing as a result of my association with GRTU, so I am excited to have the chance to bring in some really great speakers over the course of the next two years. In addition I get to work with one of the finest group of officers and board members imaginable.

Some of you know I have a passion for fly fishing, but perhaps are unaware of GRTU and what we do. So I wanted to bring a few facts to your attention.

  • Things being bigger in Texas, we are proud to be the largest local chapter of Trout Unlimited in the world with around 4,500 members.
  • We are the third largest business unit in all of Trout Unlimited
  • We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year.
  • The Guad is the southernmost trout fishery in the U.S., and has been designated one of the top 100 trout streams in the nation, and was recently featured in the book Rivers of Restoration
  • The Guad was recently featured on a segment of Trout Unlimited's television program "On The Rise", which highlighted this gem of a river to a national audience.
We operate the only lease access program in all of Trout Unlimited, procuring access to the river for our lease holders though private property, ensuring quality fishing opportunities for our participants.

While our primary focus is the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake, near Sattler, Texas, we also are active in coldwater conservation projects in other regions, like the Driftless region of the upper Midwest, and the South Platte River in Colorado.

Recent speakers to our chapter meetings have been Dave Whitlock, Gary Borger, and some of our local guides.

Next season, beginning in October, we will feature speaker, writer, and photographer extraordinaire Brian O'Keefe, whose current project Catch Ezine is a true treat for the eyes.

So check us out, and join us if you are of like mind. There is much to be proud of for this chapter, and much work to do. And who knows...it could help your fishing mojo!


Drew said...

Congratulations, Mark! Fly fishing in particular and outdoors in general is something that you love and it shows - so it's no wonder that you've been chosen to lead this chapter of your peers. While my fishing is limited to "big game" saltwater fish, hearing your stories and the passion you have for fly fishing encourages and inspires me to treasure those times that I have doing the things that I love to do.

Thanks for always being willing to share your stories with us, and I'm looking forward to hearing how you're able to share your passion with your peers and bring Texas fly fishing to new levels of awesomeness. :)

Mark said...

Thanks bro...and someday I need to get you on some redfish with a flyrod...

Drew said...

I'd be content with getting on some redfish with the friggin' rod I already have.