Thursday, July 9, 2009

Malaise Ya

Yesterday the mercury hit 105F. We are in an "exceptional" drought, the most severe category recognized by NOAA. Most boat ramps are unusable because of the low water in area lakes.

Texas has already suffered losses over $1 billion the cattle industry alone due to the drought.

Yesterday I received word that fish are dying on the upper Guadalupe River, above Canyon Lake because of the lack of water.

I feel restless...lethargic...unfocused. My steps are slow and labored, without direction or purpose. Sleep is deep but not refreshing. Usually a short fishing trip trip to my local creek provides a quick fix for almost any funk I may find myself in. But not yesterday.

The water is slow and low. The edges of the small lake are lined with choking mats of algae, and the water is as warm as a bath. I fished for a couple hours just before sundown, and only pulled a single fish...which threw the hook before I got a look at it.

I feel as wilted as my lawn. We both could use a shot of cool water.

I feel the undeniable pull of the mountains; cool, distant and mysterious, whispering to me on the fairy wings of my subconscious dreams....

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