Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing"

Snagged from Moldy Chum...

"Last Sunday a monument dedicated to the Rev. John Maclean and his son's book "A River Runs Through It" was unveiled in front of the First Presbyterian Church in Missoula. Church members Thelma Hogan and Tom Finch conceived of the commemoration, which comes 100 years after Maclean became pastor in Missoula. He and wife Clara arrived in February 1909 from Clarinda, Iowa, with young sons Norman and Paul in tow. "

To those who have seen the movie, actor Tom Skerritt (who portrays Maclean), bears an uncanny resemblance to the family patriarch.

The Maclean family in 1911...


Though this movie has been reviled by some who disliked the influx of newbies to fly-fishing and "ruined" some rivers by an increase in fishing pressure, the book and the movie are works that have inspired many, including yours truely.

I did not take up fly fishing because of the movie, but it was one of the catalysts along the way that brought me back to it.

- and I am still haunted by waters...

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