Sunday, October 28, 2012

Payback is a B-Word

The day I had long anticipated came in the middle of the week. Arrangements were made for a quick fishing trip to a local lake with my five year old granddaughter - her first "real" fishing trip.

She had practiced casting many times in our living room with her Tinkerbell rod, but that was to foam target fish. This trip included real water, not carpet to cast on, and the hope of catching her first ever fish. 

With help from several (Aunt Mo, Uncle Pedro, and paparazzi Mimi) we raced the sundown to try to get a little fishing in before bedtime. 

Fish fear this...

I planned to follow all the advice read, about making the trip about fun, not just fishing. As usual, anywhere Arianna is, fun is in hot pursuit. 

Oooo that one's pretty Papa!

I think she was a little excited...

Rigged up!

Serious business

No fish were caught, but that wasn't the point anyway. Ari may not remember this day in the future when she is a young woman....but I will never forget it.

Oh and payback? Sometimes it's a b-word; blessing. I like to think God smiled when he arranged this catch just a few days later. I wonder if this would have happened had I not taken the trip with Arianna just three days prior?

My best bass ever, 10.1 lbs caught on fly


Jay said...

Great post. That bass is a hawg! Congrats on your new perosonal best... which is about double the size of mine... wow!

Mark said...

Thanks Jay - it was a knee shaking ride that the took me on for sure. Thanks for stopping by and posting.