Time at the cabin always goes too quickly. Determined to wring all the goodness I could out of my last full day here, I went fishing. 

Red Mountain
Most of the snow that fell the last few days is gone except on the mountaintops. High temps today were forecast to be in the 50's. I quickly packed a lunch, loaded the truck, and headed to Red Mountain Creek.

Like most streams in the area, Red Mountain Creek (RMC) has been running low this year, and it has a reputation of not giving up fish easily. But it is in such a gorgeous place that I would make the drive just to eat lunch on the tailgate and take in the view. 

Turn around pilgrim, this is where public land ends...

Feeling a bit over-confident from my success on Beaver Creek, RMC served me up an extra big slice of humble pie for my morning's efforts. No matter,  I had a sandwich and a comfy camp chair back at the truck. 

The valley was completely devoid of human noise. Bird songs, hawk screeches, and water tumbling over stone were the only sounds. Sitting in the warm sun after lunch, I caught myself drowsing a bit - something I might do when hunting from my tree stand, but never before when fishing. 

But today there was no hurry, I was beginning my long goodbye. I walked and fished slower than normal. I was more intentional about being in the moment, noticing things I might overlook when I am in full on fishing mode. 

I didn't think about the long drive home tomorrow, the backlog of emails from work, and a return to the "real" world. Rather, I chose to be fully present in the moment. What a blessing.  

I finally did catch some fish - actually the largest brown of the trip came to hand today. But today was about more than fish. It was about connecting with my Creator, appreciating the beauty of the creation, and enjoying it all to the fullest extent I am capable of. 

There is a backstory about how I came to the cabin originally - a tapestry of dreams, friends,  opportunities, and tragedies. But that is a story for another time - perhaps around an evening  campfire. 

But today's story is about a man blessed beyond his dreams, and beyond what he deserves. 

Vaya Con Dios


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